Uniquely Curated Holidays in Zanzibar

Issam Tours and Safaris is a Registered local company that carries out services of tours and safaris (Destination Management Company) in Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland.

We are also offering services in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa, in collaboration with local partners.

We curate tailor-made private and group experiences that are unique and carefully selected. customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Come and experience the hospitality and friendliness of the Zanzibar people. We at Issam Tours and Safaris will make your stay a memorable one!

Our Zanzibar Archipelago Islands

Africa’s Leading Beach Destination

For the last few years, Zanzibar has been named by World Travel Awards as Africa’s leading beach destination. This is brought by her beautiful beach, amazing people, and a fast-growing number of travelers that visit our Island every year.
Issam Tours is proud to be among Tour Operators that make, Zanzibar accessible to everyone. Our work from designing, and planning the itineraries to executing them – is second to none.

Historical and Culture

Zanzibar’s vast history and culture are among the reasons for many to visit. The UNESCO World Heritage Site – Zanzibar’s Stone Town to this day remains a center for history. The culture mixed with Arab traders still exists.

Modern Zanzibar

The current Zanzibar has seen the growth of a new Zanzibar City. A Modernized society, but still influenced by traditional cultures and customs. These are evidently seen in infrastructures and daily life. Karibu Sana Zanzibar.

Amazing Team For You

Please meet our proud family which is made of very committed and hard-working individuals whose main job is to make sure you have a pleasant stay while in Zanzibar!

Issam R. Mussa


Aisha H. Mussa